Weltz Group hosting means several things. The first is that the website is accessible virtually 24/7. Next there is adequate bandwidth so that information is transmitted as fast as possible. And then the software that is continually backing up the data on the site and continually monitoring whether the website is performing to expectations. At Weltz Group we provide the best hosting environment for a successful web experience for your customers.



While some view support as answering questions on the phone, it means something much more at Weltz Group. We are continually monitoring the traffic at your site and give you regular reports about how many visitors are at your site and where in the country or the world they are from. We'll let you know what pages they visit and how long they stay. If there is a way to get better results, we will work with you to find it.

Also, we pride ourselves on our quick turnaround. Should you need an adjustment to your existing site or create a brand new site we will get it done quickly. A Weltz Group website is only successful if our clients get the best possible results.

Issues come up at every stage of project. We provide state of the art applications for bug tracking and issue management. You can log into the application, monitor real time progress, enter defects, send and receive notes, collaborate with various parties and resolve issues quickly and effectively.